Bob "Doc" Young


the man - the MYTH - the legend

Maybe, but really just a guy that loves to have fun and fly fish, and teach other people to fish, "Serious people die early and that really sucks", words of wisdom from Doc. 

In some sense of the word, Doc's right.  We don't take time out to "look up", as Mary, Doc's wife told us.  "Look up at those beautiful mountains" she says.  Doc loves his Rocky Mountains and feels so very blessed to live there.  Come join Doc for a few days to fly fish, relax, and really feel good about life.  See what Doc already knows about these mountains.  He promises you won't regret it.  

host guide doc young in the early morning at a rocky mountain lake
Bob "Doc" Young
Your Host Guide

So, we wanted to be truthful, that's not Doc in the picture.  We couldn't find his ass when the photographer showed up so we had to use this stupid stock photo.  Know where Doc was, you guessed it, fishing.  (Sigh)

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