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Bob "Doc" Young


the man - the MYTH - the legend

Maybe, but really just a guy that loves to have fun and fly fish, and teach other people to fish, "Serious people die early and that really sucks", words of wisdom from Doc. 

In some sense of the word, Doc's right.  We don't take time out to "look up", as Mary, Doc's wife told us.  "Look up at those beautiful mountains" she says.  Doc loves his Rocky Mountains and feels so very blessed to live here.  Come join Doc for a few days to fly fish, relax, and really feel good about life.  See what Doc already knows about these mountains.  He promises you won't regret it.  

doc young in the early morning at a rocky mountain lake
Bob "Doc" Young
Your Host Guide

So, we wanted to be truthful, that's not Doc in the picture.  We couldn't find his ass when the photographer showed up so we had to use this stupid stock photo.  Know where Doc was, you guessed it, fishing.  (Sigh)

Our Professional Guide Staff 


    If it weren't for these 5 Star Professionals, we wouldn't be the highest rated fly-fishing guide service in the Rocky Mountains.   

fly fishing estes park

Hayden Young

Hayden has been working with us for the past four years, BUT, he's been our grandson for 23 years.  As his reviews will attest, he is one hell of a fly fisherman.  Hayden and I have been fishing together since he was 5 years old, and he's always been my best friend.  

fly fishing estes park

Ryan Ward

I've known Ryan for 6 years and fished with him for that long too.  We only managed to lure him away from past "residence" a few years ago, and OH how happy we are to have him.   Iraqi

War Veteran (Thank you for your service), and one of the most fun young men you could fish with.

fly fishing estes park

Jeff "Mo" Curran

The Master - Period.  This is the guide that other guides take lessons from, seriously.    I've known Mo and family for several years, and I can tell you that he eats, sleeps and dreams fish.  He has put his clients on some BIG fish.  Heck, he's put me on some big fish.  Mo is THE man.  Obviously, a

5 Star Guide.

fly fishing estes park

Brady Owen

His first guide trip - 5 Stars...and he hasn't looked back.  We love seeing his excitement when he fishes.  Brady is a lifetime professional. He gets even more excited when his guest lands that nice Brown or Rainbow, which is when you know you have the best guide out there!

Host Guide Jeremy Young

Jeremy Young

Well let's say the apple doesn't fall too far from the oldest son.  He made me proud (it took him a few years) but Jeremy finally graduated with a degree in Fisheries Biology and spent several years in the field as a published Fisheries Research Biologist. I taught him right, he knows slightly more about having fun, and losing fish during the photo op, than he does about fish!

fly fishing estes park


Our "Guide" in Training.  Max is the nicest young man you could hope to meet.  Max is an excellent fly fisherman and is a great help to us.  His parents should be very proud of Max, as I know they are.  Max is paying his dues and doing a great job at it.

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