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High Alpine Lake Tour

(Guide Gratuities are Not Included in Pricing)


Ask us about our

"Private Water" 

High Mountain Alpine Lakes Tour

Bring your camera because the scenery is unlike anything you've ever seen, simply breathtaking.  You'll fish for the endangered Greenback Cutthroat and return them back to their Alpine home (they are a protected species).  This is the trip of a lifetime.  For your safety, we do have a few recommendations prior to this adventure.   We would ask that you are in the Estes Park area for at least 48 hours prior to your trip for altitude adjustment, and drink plenty of liquids.  These are full day tours and involve a good deal of hiking.  Higher lakes require some additional fees.   

Full Day

First Person


Each Additional Person


Call Doc on his cell phone to schedule your trip.

(417) 860-4175


Please Note:  Reservations require a 50% deposit.   Deposits are refundable within 72 hours of the reservation. 

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